Variety is the spice of life

How’d you like last week’s prep guide? Pretty awesome, right?! Who doesn’t like free recipes that include all the prep info AND how-to videos? I couldn’t tell ya!

This week we’re feeling spicy (don’t worry..not hot spicy, but variety spicy), so we are sharing recipes that have great flavors that are sure to satisfy and impress. The easy to follow prep-guide is designed to help you be successful and efficient with your time in the kitchen and at meal times. It’s complete with the full grocery list, prep-day instructions, and day-of steps. We hope you enjoy these simple yet yummy dishes, and take a little help from us whenever you need it.

Watch this quick video and then download our ready-to-go PDF and get to preppin!

Step 1: Watch this video on how to use the prep-guides

Step 2: Download and print the PDF prep-guide and get to cookin’!