All the Thanksgiving Things


PLEASE NOTE:  We are working with a severe shortage in turkeys.  There are no smaller turkeys available, which is why you can only order for 8-10 or 10-12 people.   If that is too much for your gathering, you can order all of the sides a la carte.  Thank you for your understanding!


It’s a total “no brainer, relax all day and only worry about refilling your mimosa and following our simple instructions while setting your table” kind of Thanksgiving.  Let us do what we love to do so you can chill out this Thanksgiving.  We’ve got you covered from the turkey to the dessert and everything in-between.   Just choose how many people you’re going to feed.

Herb & Citrus Roasted Turkey 
Brined, seasoned and ready for the oven.   Not many foods are worse than a dry turkey.  Skip the reheated dry turkey this year AND the prep involved with doing it all yourself.  NW Natural Turkey available in three different sizes. We will brine, season and pack your turkey to go straight into the oven, complete with easy to follow cooking instructions. 

Turkey Gravy
Nothing says Thanksgiving like gravy.  Rich and creamy gravy made from turkey drippings, wine and herbs.

Cointreau Cranberry Sauce
The secret to incredible cranberry sauce is the liquor.  Made just like my mom and grandmother made, this cranberry sauce will impress your guests and make you want to save it for the day after. 

Grain Free Sausage Stuffing
I developed this recipe about 10 years ago and it has since become a staple at every turkey dinner I host and many I don’t.  Sausage, butternut squash, onions, cranberries and more combined, then roasted to make a stuffing that is nothing short of delicious, even without the bread. (GF, GF, NF)

Duck Fat Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes
Nothing gets a potato crispy on the outside like duck fat.  Rich and decadent, but familiar enough that your picky eaters will still love them. (GF, DF, NSF, NF)

Fall Spinach Salad With Candied Pecans & Cranberries
The fresh side of Thanksgiving dinner.  Hearty spinach, topped with candied pecans, cranberries, roasted shallots and finished with a creamy balsamic dressing. (GF, DF, NSF)

Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Shredded Brussels roasted and tossed with parmesan to make the perfect green side. (GF, NF, NSF)

Bourbon Pecan Pie
It’s not Thanksgiving without dessert.  While we’d love to offer a variety of desserts, we had to pick one and this is it.  Bourbon, brown sugar and pecans.  It’s a caramel bite with a crunch. (GF)

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