Picking up the Balls

I woke up a few years ago and asked myself “How the f**k did I get here?”. I no longer recognized the person I was, or the person I hoped I would be once I decided to go down the path of partner, kids and more. It made me angry, sad, frustrated, but I did not voice my feelings as much as I should have.

Fast track to COVID 2020, and those feelings have magnified by 1000%. I’m sitting in a deep dark hole trying to figure out how to pull myself out with not only myself intact, but also my work, home and family. It is hard. Really hard.

This topic is a huge can of worms that we each have to choose to dive into for ourselves and our households, but I want to share two thoughts with you this week that might move the needle a little.

First, this weeks meal plan, click here to download, is delicious, simple and already planned out. If you are usually the primary manager of all things food in your house, ask your partner to take ownership this week. Send them this link, let them download, print, shop and prep. In these COVID times, this may be the best vacation you’ve had since 03/2020.

Second, I was turned onto Eve Rodsky and her book Fair Play recently. It is all about changing the vocabulary, systems and ways that we share life with our partners. I’ve been listening to the book on Audible because the only time I seem to have free is when I’m driving these days. It will make you angry, sad, cry, laugh and maybe punch a wall, but, once you calm down, it also offers tools and language that I wish I had 12 years ago before I got married. If you get it, email me and let me know what you think.

Local Rhoots was born out of my own need to better manage the balls I hold, to hold some of the brain space that I was using when it came to dinner in our own household. I knew that if I needed support, then so many others out there needed it too. Whether you are using these free downloads, our meals, or a combination of both, I hope that they help you find more brain space and time in your life.