Our Rhoots

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Front of House Manager. Click here to view the job description.
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Why We Exist

Think globally, act locally, impact the world through our community.

On the surface, Local Rhoots is a meal delivery service using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, creating jobs within the community and delivering in reusable packaging.  Essentially, we feed humans whole food that tastes awesome.

For many customers, the service we provide delivers way beyond their expectations, but for those who want a deeper understanding of how our local choices effect the world, we encourage you to take a short journey with us.

Sam Rodgers | Founder & Lover of Coffee

It All Started When…

As a busy mom, I found myself struggling with feeding my family food that I was proud of. It was a constant stress. That’s when I started planning and prepping meals. Planning the meals we ate at home and the meals we would eat out made an enormous difference in the quality of food we ate and the quality time we got to spend together.

I realized other parents were having the same challenges and so I took what I learned at started teaching people how to apply the same methods. As my local clientele grew, I began receiving requests to do the meal prep portion for them. I said “no” so many times, I realized that it was time to say “Yes”.

We said “yes!” just over two years ago and are now delivering over 400 servings of food per week to families throughout the Gorge. With a commitment to locally sourced ingredients, reusable packaging and simplifying the lives of our customers, we are out to impact our community in a positive way.

The Team

Success is never a solo achievement and its a lot more fun with awesome people. Over the last 2+ years, we have steadily grown our team with amazing individuals who bring a passion for helping others, a focused work ethic and an ability to make awesome happen each and every week we deliver.

We currently have a team of 7 and are always keeping an eye out for new talent both in the kitchen and on the customer service side.

We are hiring a Front of House Manager. Click here to view the job description.

Reusable Packaging

Packaging. It’s a really big deal. With all garbage we send out into landfills, it so more important than ever to consider where we can make in impact when it comes to packaging. We have worked closely with the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture to ensure that our reusable packaging and sanitation processes are safe, consistent and make health and safety the #1 priority.

We still use some disposable packaging for food safety reasons, but the majority of what we send out each week is quality controlled for damage, completely sanitized and reused.

The Food

It wouldn’t be “Local. Sustainable. Meals.” without quality ingredients. We believe in creating a full circle between our local grower/producer community, our local team and commercial kitchen and our local customers. We want to food to travel as short a distance as possible. We work with local producers to source within the Gorge and greater Portland area as much as possible. From there, we source within the PNW before going beyond that to find quality ingredients to produce our amazing meals.

Local Rhoots is a gluten free kitchen that also accommodates a variety of other food sensitivities.