our rHoots

Think globally, act locally, impact the world through our community.

On the surface, Local Rhoots is a meal delivery service using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, creating jobs within the community and delivering in reusable packaging.  Essentially, we feed humans whole food that tastes awesome.

For many customers, the service we provide delivers way beyond their expectations, but for those who want a deeper understanding of how our local choices effect the world, we encourage you to take a short journey with us.

Sam Rodgers | Founder & lover of coffee


With an ever present passion for food and a desperate need to create more time for herself and her family, Sam began designing weekly meal plans with prep guides to feed her own household.  She quickly realized that this was a missing component in the lives of many busy families and there was an opportunity to help others by sharing those meals plans; Eating Clean, Cooking Dirty was born.

Two years in and she was getting so many requests from people to do the meal prep for them that she decided to test out the idea.  But, it had to be deeper than just a meal delivery service.  Sam wants to make an impact in her community and in the world.  That's where the "Local" part come in.

Eating locally is good for our bodies.  

Buying locally is good for our community.  

Working locally creates jobs in the community we serve.  

Sam and Local Rhoots is dedicated to these three core values, seeking to impact the world through the community we live in.