Sweet Potato Kugel

Sweet Potato Kugel

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Kugl is a Yiddish word for pudding made from potato or noodles.  While trying to name this delightful side, we went through a few variations and while this recipe is not quite a traditional kugel, the name speaks to me, so there it is.

What is it?  Local Rhoots Sweet Potato Kugel is a creamy blend of sweet potato, ghee, salt and pepper.  Sometime we add some cinnamon and spice.  It is rich and creamy, you eat it with a spoon and we deliver it in single or family servings.

Add this item to any lunch or dinner order to increase the calories of your dish.  It also makes the perfect afternoon snack and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

NOTE: This item can only be purchased as an add-on with a lunch or dinner order.