School Lunch Subscription

School Lunch Subscription

from 18.00 every week

School lunch prepped and ready for a bento box or lunch container delivered to your door or ready for pick-up Monday evening. Each week, we offer a menu with 8 choices, you and your child pick 5. Items are prepped and stored in bulk in our reusable containers.

What you (or your child) does
Your child packs their bento box with their lunch choices throughout the week. Return the empty containers with the cooler bag when you pick-up or we deliver the next weeks lunch.

The food
We pride ourselves on variety, even when it comes to kid-friendly lunches. Locally sourced, organic whenever possible, hormone free meats and totally kid friendly. The menu choices will last at least 7 days in the refrigerator.

Items include mini egg muffins, ham roll-ups, whole fruit, veggies with house-made dips and dressings, tomato mozzarella "salad", chia pudding, whole fat yogurt flavored with real fruit (no sugar), nut free bars, healthy gummies and so much more.

Gluten, Dairy and Nut Free are always options.

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Reusable Container Deposit
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We provide the bulk containers and cooler bag; there is a $40 refundable container deposit. You provide the bento box or lunch container of choice. We will have links to Amazon with our favorite containers, ice bags and lunch bags to help you out.

More details...

  • School Lunches are available for pick-up and delivery Monday afternoon.

  • You will be able to purchase by the week, month or on weekly subscription.

  • To skip a week, simply email us by Wednesday the week before

  • Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break will not have delivery

  • These lunches are appropriate for ages 2 and beyond