Our meal plans can be your new bff

Before my daughter was born, I was a meal prep pro. I loved to cook, had so much time to plan, Pinterest
recipes, and shop. Not to mention leisurely meal prep on Sundays. It was basically my favorite hobby.

But it was also pre-kids.

In a world where our mothers told us we could do it all, the reality smacks us across the face upon the
addition of a tiny human we are now responsible for keeping alive while keeping ourselves fed, maybe
bathed (maybe), clothes somewhat clean, sheets changed hopefully twice a month and then there’s the
job someone was paying me money to do. Hard doesn’t cover it.

I needed to have healthy prepped dinners ready-to-eat, or easily reheat-n-eat during the week, lunches
ready to go to work and breakfasts that I can grab n’ go, but I didn’t have the many hours I use to spend

With my love of food, slightly OCD tendencies and experience in process change management, I sat
down and created my first Meal Plan with Prep Guide. A simple menu, with tasks combined in a logical
order that turned into a “Prep Day” that could get done in under two hours, often under one.

The first week I did it I was hooked.

I sacrificed a couple hours on Sunday and came home each weekday to
meals that were ready for the oven only requiring a little extra work to get them on the table. They were
kitted together so anyone could pick a dinner and make it happen. And I was once again proud of the
food my family was eating, not to mention saving the budget.

I started sharing these with other moms, because we would always talk about the how/what/when’s of
feeding our families and quickly realized I should be sharing these with the world. That is when Eating
Clean, Cooking Dirty was born and I released 52 Weeks of Meal Plans & Prep Guides that could be
downloaded in PDF format anywhere around the world.

Then came the requests from my local clients to do meal prep. And after some initial hesitation, Local Rhoots was born. We have grown from a small clientele of 12 families, to a thriving business making over 1,000 servings of food per week.

Although our focus is on our meal subscription business, we are well aware that today, we see a need for both our meal service and the digital meal plans. They can be used together or on their own, offering customers choice and options when it comes to the how/what/when’s of the food
they feed their families.